About Mission Fat Hearts


What is Mission Fat Hearts you ask?

Here is the discussion between Mandy and Rebecca about it and how you can join in 2019! 


Rebecca: What was your inspiration to do Mission Fat Hearts with your kids?

Mandy:  My biggest inspiration to do Mission Fat Hearts with my kids was seeing how much the world needs kindness now more than ever. Being a teacher, I see how we as adults are the key to how kids learn important values and traits such as empathy, kindness, manners, and ultimately how to treat each other. They literally follow and repeat our every move. They are the key to our future and have the power to change the world, but we need to give them the tools to do so. So, they are what inspired me…they’re little blank canvases that in the end, only want to love and love more and have so much potential to do just that, if taught that doing it matters!


Rebecca: What would you like them to learn through this experience?

Mandy: I want them to learn that by putting others first, it will truly make them happier people. I feel like our world has become a very ‘me’ centered world where the idea of ‘if I am not happy, no one is happy’ has suddenly became the stigma. I want them to know that by giving and helping and making others happy is often where your own happiness lies…not in material things, but in your heart.


Rebecca: How do you think Mission Fat Hearts can make a difference in the lives of your kids and those around them?

Mandy:  Again, being a teacher, I see so many things I wish I didn’t…kids going through things and knowing things that no child should. I hope that this can not only teach my own kids about kindness, but other kids too. I hope this ripples and touches many lives on both ends…the giving and receiving end. But, if this can touch just ONE life throughout this whole thing, I feel like it’s a win!


Rebecca: What are some of the “missions” they will be doing?

Mandy:  Some of the missions include everything from sticking quarters in candy machines and not turning the handles (so kids find them and get to turn them and get candy), to buying someone doing a job outside hot chocolate and delivering it, to delivering donuts to the fire station, making cookies for the neighbors, donating old books to the DR’s office, sticking candy canes on cars in a parking lot, writing thank you notes to cafeteria staff at school, leaving little care packages for mailman and garbage man to say thank you, using money from their piggy banks to pay it forward in a drive thru line, and choosing two new friends to sit by at lunch.

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